Its been a really lovely first day. We picked Teddy up this morning, spent a couple of hours with his family first, and then came home. He did really well in the car, only a tiny whimper as we set off and then good as gold for an hour and a half. Straight out of the car and we popped him in the garden, and we were rewarded with his first wee. Had about 15mins play and then into his play pen, and we went out for the longest hour ever. Thanks to technology, we watched him on the newly named Teddy-cam and for the first ten minutes he cried, then played with his puppy kong, and went to bed in his 'cave'. When we got home, he was so cool . . . "oh you've come back then?" stretching slowly out of his bed, and then bouncing sideways with a big "i'm kidding. . hello hello"
We've had periods of play, sleep in his pen, excellent eating with his kongs, and managed to predict two very decent sized poo's, and got him to the garden in time. I know it will probably all go down hill from now, but all in all, our little man he,s had a busy day, and he is already loved to bits