Hey all!
So my rescue Toby is going in for patella surgery on his left leg - I just want to make sure I am prepared...I was hoping we could put this off longer as he has so many issues I wanted to get on top of first, but it is getting worse and he's now a grade 3/4.

Anyways, so here is what I have done so far...am I forgetting anything?

- lined all of our hardwood floors with non slip rugs
- cut up all the hair and feathers on and under his paws to prevent slipping
- have baby gates in place on all stairs and hallways to separate rooms to make them smaller (I live in an open floor plan style house)
- have a play pen for him to be in (he cannot cope with crates given his past, so we are having to get creative here)

What else??

Given his SM sort of issues, he is sensitive around his head/neck - will a cone bother him? What are my other options?

I am so anxious about the whole thing. I hope he copes okay...in the past, pain can make him aggressive and also have panic attacks, so I am so sad we have to do this....but I know it means less pain in the future. Our Vet Behaviourist has already given us meds to have on hand if he has one of his panic attacks (they are very scary episodes, he can't breathe, stares into a corner, shakes and does not respond - like an awake seizure but with panic and total fear). And I hope to just keep him calm.

I am also taking a week off work to be with him. Since I can't crate him, I just need to watch over him like a hawk and keep him calm.

Any extra advice or stories on what it was like for you would be great. I imagine won't get sleep for a while!