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Thread: went to get maggie checked for UTI..

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    Default went to get maggie checked for UTI..

    Grandpa and i have been wathcing her closely this last week..shes been cleaning her 'area' lots, her beds have smelled of pee althought hey are not damp to the touch and hes taking her out every few hours (and shes going) and i even get up once in the night although everyone says she probably dosnt need to.

    so its around the time for her last shots and i decided to get all that all done together. They said to bring her in with a full i did.
    my poor little girl.. its not a UTI at all. She had hairs in her vagina entry, which were (obviously) not supposed to be there, rubbing..causing all sorts of inflamation and redness..and mucus.
    so shes on 10 days of anti biotics.

    I also asked them to check the anal glans because shes been dragging her rear..this seemed fine..and he said it was probably just the irritation the whole time.
    so he told me to go get her a sanitary cut. and off to pet smart we ran.
    i also took the time to get her 'mutton chops' snipped. (baby hair that wasnt falling off)so shes had quite the day.
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