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Thread: What food is best?

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    As I have said in other posts ... I feed my dogs a freeze dried raw diet. Stella and Chewy's is my actual recommendation. With freeze dried foods the benefits of raw are preserved while protecting your pups from potentially harmful bacteria such as salmonella. It also has the added benefit of being pre-balanced so you don't have to worry about messing up their nutrition, which was my number one concern.

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    I feed a mixture of foods.

    - Ziwipeak, which he loves the taste of, and i love the benefits of. It makes him look great.
    It is kind of like a mix between a kibble and freezedried food.
    - Premade rolls, from a local company
    - Bones, chicken necks, turkey necks, and other harder bones occasionally
    - Other kibbles, such as Taste of the Wild and Innova Evo

    Then I occasionally give him tinned tuna.

    I recommend all of the above. I frequently get complimented on how good he looks, how shiny his coat is

    I would go full out raw, but i do not have the freezer space, the time, or the knowledge, and i do not want to put his health on the line due to my inability to get the correct nutrients. Because he is small i can afford to feed all of the above, if he were a german shepherd i may be more convinced to learn how to feed raw!
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