We had just taken our 11 mo. old to the vet since she was lethargic and not eating/drinking. Some tests were done and she had a high white cell count. The vet rx'd antibiotics and she was back to normal in a couple of days, but is still taking the rest of the rx. I asked the vet if he knew of Cavaliers getting MV and SM. He said he had seen MV in puppies, but not SM. He said that there was no way to check for SM and asked if Jenny scratched her neck and head. I said yes, probably 2-3 times a day, but our previous dog did too, which he agreed was probabely normal.

From what little I've read, I guess the Cavalier is a relatively new breed that was brought back starting around 1925? I think that I read the breed is even newer in the U.S. from around 1952? Anyway, I guess my question is why have breeders been unsuccessful in breeding out these serious medical conditions and is there any research and or headyway being made now? I'm asking because I have seen a public tv special relating to how dogs came from wolves and a section (in Russia) of the program showing how traits within foxes were changed within just a few generations. Thanks for any info.