Firstly hi. My name is Sara. I live in Portland Oregon and after about three years of contemplating the idea of getting a puppy I have settled on a cavalier. I am not completely ignorant about them. My favorite aunt had a cavalier for fourteen years and then when he passed away she got another one three years ago. I loved Perry, absolutely adored him, thought he was beautiful a little too beautiful to be a boy but when it came down to what kind of dog I wanted I couldn't talk myself into anything else. And I tried, they're expensive they need a lot of attention, they have health issues etc. Doesn't seem to matter anymore. I found my puppy from breeders right outside of Seattle. After the purchase of a carpet cleaner and new sturdy trash cans my boyfriend agreed, now that he met her he's excited I came home yesterday to him puppy proofing our fireplace and bedroom. But, that said I have become voracious in trying to be well prepared and committed to being a good pet owner.

I think my shopping is done. I found my vet and talked with her on the phone she seems like she understands what my cavalier will need. I found my pet insurance and already have an appointment to get her micro-chipped. I have arranged for our neighbor who is retired to walk her when I have to work late. I'm signing up for puppy training classes as soon as she's old enough. I bought her kennel, bil jac puppy food because that's what my breeders feed her, a basket full of toys balls, ropes chew toys, stuffed animals etc. I have her pet carrier and a little exercise pen already set up in my office for when were not home. I got puppy pads for inside and that faux grass patch for my patio ( I don't have a yard).

I don't have any intention of showing or breeding her she's going to be our pet. Oh, and she's absolutely beautiful. But, I am realistic this is going to be a bit hard. I'm going to be tired, she is going to make messes. It's okay, i'm committed. Now I found these forums which have already been super helpful I've been reading like crazy. So hi! If anybody has pearls of wisdom or advice I'm so up for whatever anybody can tell me. and there's a picture of her with her dad her name is Lucie.