MAN it has been some week for my poor little girl.

saturday we got her last boosters..and treated her for a vagina infection..
and then this morning i was dropping her off at my grandpas(daycare) and noticed a pinkish in her eye.. it was kinda poking out..i dont know how to describe it properly..
i made my mum (grandparents live in basement parents upstairs) take a look adn she agreed i should get her looked at.
well i open the daycare ther was nothing i could do right then. so i went to work..waited for my vet office to open.. and they said they had no apointments today (surgery day) so i had to take her to hte hospital.

went and picked her up from grandpas..and the eye thing..was gone. it looked perfectly normal. but being a worried mama and havint 90% coverage on my pet insurance i decided it was worth it to take her in anyways.

well she stole the heart of everyone in that whole hospital.

they ran tests on her eyes ..tests came back normal..her eye is fine..they did mention cherry eye and to watch incase it came back but at this point its fine.
i got htem to check her vagina infection.. its healed. but to continue the anti biotics.

and i brought up the issue of her peeing her bed at night (i attempted to let her go through the night had been damp but i thoguht it might be her infection..last two days its WET..and shes sleeping in her if shes goin in her sleep?(she has two beds in her crate she can choose sleep in the one thats wet is odd)

so they said to take away water at night..and continue taking her out at least once ..then to try again in a few weeks..if it was still happenign theyd run some tests for underlying issues