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Thread: Breeder choosing puppy for you

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    Default Breeder choosing puppy for you

    Hello there from Canada

    It seems that breeders these days choose a puppy for you based on your activity level and experience (which I am fine with). Has anyone else had experience with this? I have researched breeders endlessly and have found one that is very reputable but she is 12+ hours away. She is choosing the puppy for me and it is being shipped by air. Has anyone else out there has this experience? I am finding that I am anxious because I am spending so much money and I am buying based on a small photo. This is hard for a control freak!

    Thanks for any replies

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    I have no direct experience of this situation, but given distances in Canada, you don't seem to have much option! You could ask the breeder to send you more photos of the puppy she has chosen for you, so that you can start thinking of a pet name and getting used to colour etc. With mobile phones, taking pictures is so easy these days, and I bet she's taking pictures for herself! Given Cavalier puppies, you'll probably fall in love anyway the minute it emerges from the crate! It would be different if you were wanting a show dog, then I think it would be essential to have some say in your choice - but I'm sure you'll get a great pet.

    Please send us pictures when your puppy arrives!

    Kate and Ruby


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