Wow, I just got my renewal notice from PetPlan USA, and they are saying my 2013 premium is going up by a WHOPPING 27% this year. Annual premium increments I can understand, especially in the face of inflation, but since I joined PetPlan in 2011 the 2 increments since then would mean they've increased my premium 51% in just 2 years.

The only claim we've made so far was for a $700 reimbursement in late 2011 for a abscess removal procedure we had to do on Skippy.

Premiums over the years
2013: $527 (have not paid/renewed yet)
2012: $413
2011: $350 (estimated, from what I can remember)

This is the 'plan' we currently have:
"Bronze" coverage
  • $8000 vet fees
  • $200 deductible
  • 100% reimbursement

I'm about to email PetPlan to get an explanation, but just wanted to post here and see if this is the norm for you guys too, or if they are way out of line.