I just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone as i feel i know many of you due to my reading practically all the posts in the forum over the last few weeks.

I'm Sarah, married mum of 2, and we live in Worcestershire in the Midlands, UK. I grew up with Cavaliers, and next Wednesday we are going to be bringing home our own little pup to join our family. I am so excited!

Her names Tink and she's a lovely little Ruby pup, bred by a lovely family local to me, who also have children. This was very important to me to make sure that any pup we brought into our home was properly positively socialised with young children, and she absolutely loves them. We've been going to visit her weekly since we decided on her, and she already has such a lovely temperament! After a quick play and lots of kisses with the children, she will just settle down to sleep on your lap.

I expect despite having grown up with cavaliers, i will be on here regularly looking for advice and keeping up to date with cavalier news!

p.s - sorry the picture is so large, i cant work out how to reduce it!