Hello Everyone,
So we have made the decision to go forward with the surgery for our little Melvin. However, I have never had an experience with surgery (other than neutering or spaying) and I feel a little out of my element. I was hoping all of you might share some of your experiences with me.
What I have been doing:
I have been busy at work making lots of fleece blankets so they will have a chance to be "broken in" and smell like home. I am also making a bed that fits his crate for post-op so he can use the kind of bed he prefers. I am probably making too many, but they obviously don't have time to do laundry at the clinic and I get to see him every day so I'll bring in fresh ones. Yea... I know I sound crazy, but it makes me feel better. I also made up some instructions on how to feed Mel, as he eats a freeze dried raw diet.

So...What did all of you do in preparation for the surgery and recovery? I welcome ALL suggestions and ideas but below are some of my specific questions
Did your dogs have to wear cones? Did you use the soft alternatives or snoods?
How did you handle walks? Did you get a dog stroller? Mel is used to 2 walks a day. If it's too cold we use a treadmill (normally).
My dogs have their own room (that is entirely puppy proofed), should I pin him in one section of it when I leave for work? Or should I let him walk around?
Did you get dog stairs for your beds/couches/any other family snuggle areas?
Thanks for your input in-advance!

"Are these for me? You know I LOVE fleece" <3