Next Monday is her big day! I'm already nervous about this. Anyway, I'm getting some things ready for her recouperation. I have a soft cone and a few onsies. She is a big licker so want to make sure she can't get at the stitches. Going to go out and get her a few new chew toys and bully sticks to help keep her occupied.

I know she will have to be in her crate with restricted movement.........really hard as her favorite things to do is jump and run! Potty breaks will be on leash only. I know the vet will give me detailed instructions, but any other things I can do in advance? Any idea on how long she will need to be crated or how long it will take to heal?

What about food? Should I get chicken for her or would her regular kibble be OK?

What about me? Should I get myself a nice bottle of wine to get me through it!