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    Default Amazing!!!!

    Maggie and i were on our walk..and this truck going the same way on the other side of the road..stops..backs up..unrolls his window and asks how old my puppy was.
    i told him.. and he goes

    "i have a 16 year old in my truck" i said "oh what kind" he said
    "same..a cavalier"

    I crossed the road and got to meet him.
    16 years old and had just devleoped mvd, he also said he had recently lost a 17 year old cavalier.
    i couldnt belive it.

    what an honour it was to meet such an old guy.
    He was super handsom. A blenhiem with a spot, named Lane.

    I tell you it made my day.
    Let us all be as lucky as lane and his awesome dad!
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    Oliver and Max and Meeko man, i will meet you at the Rainbow bridge. I love you all. Miss you more then you'll ever know.
    wait for me...


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