Febuary is known as our worst month here in victoria.. the month where..if its going to snow..itll probably snow in victoria.
but tempatures have been around 10*, we have days of sunshine...floweres are springing.. the blossoms are coming out,
Yes we still get rain..it is british columbia. but its been nice. *knocks on wood*

last year..shortly after i moved to my new suiet..when i discoverd i was aloud to get a dog..but hadnt quite chosen what kind, i found myself walking down memory lane..back to the place my grandma lived when i was a child.. it was a town house complex, with a hugeeeee park and field, a stream to feed the ducks. i noticed it was an offleash park though. and knew id bring my puppy there some day

took maggie last weekend but forgot my camera. so i took her agian this weekend.. this and last weekend was her first time offleash.

its a HUGEEEEEEEE field..competly fenced in and rather shelterd away.. its not a well known dog park at all so theres maybe MAYBE 1 or 2 other dogs while your there..but for the most part it was me..maggie and a huge open field.

i wanted to get some action shots of her so i threw some maggie sized sticks.