So How often do you bathe your dogs?
What do you use?
Are tehre any good product review websites? we all know about the food review websites..but what about shampoo?

Oliver..had a never ending skin itch. even vet after vet, he never really found relief.

With maggie..shes been doing really good. she had had just a few baths (or runs under the water in the sink to clean her up.) but i noticed her skin was getting itchy..looked dry and i wanted to go find a good shampoo (she hadnt used shampoo before ..and this might be part of the issue)
so i took her to the park yesterday..she was a mud monster. i went to petsmart and asked them to recomend a shampoo, told them a bit of her dry itchy skin.
and they recomended GNC's moisurizing oatmeal dog shampoo.

I used it with her yesterday, and today she feels AMAZING.. soooo soft and oh just like when she was a baby. she isnt itching as much i notice..

so i think its good..but ive only found one review online..and it wasnt all that good..said she bathed her dogs a few times a week and they still stunk. lol so i was thinking maybe her dogs just stink? lol
but a few times a week.. is that too much? or how often do you guys bathe yours?