Hi Everyone,

My cavy Pumpkin has just finished 2 weeks of antibiotics due to being very poorly with enlarged lymph glands in her neck and groin.
It was suspected she could have lymph node cancer, so my vet did a biopsy to check for this.
Of course i was devastated to hear this and ive had a long week of waiting for results.
However i was delighted to be told she does in fact not have cancer, although there may have been some cells pre cancerous.
I am taking this as good news as i think i am right in thinking that pre cancerous cells does not necessarily mean that it will defiantly
go onto become cancer? My vet said we can just see how she goes, as she can not remove all her glands and for now she is back to her normal self.
Pumpkin is 9 and is on a wide range of medication as she has syringomyelia and ibs.
She also like most cavys and suffers with her anal glands alot.
I would like to give her a daily probiotic to see if it helps her and also as she just been on antibiotics.
So was wondering if anyone could recommend a good one to try? That they use
Any help would be appreciated, also could it help with her anal glands?
Thanks sally