I've never had to worry about Elton's weight. He doesn't need to lose any pounds, but I'm scared I will have to if he continues (and I provide) to eat like he has been.

Elton has been a picky eater. I would feed him in the AM, come home from work and the bowl still had food but would add to it. The last vet visit he had lost a pound but the vet was not concerned.

I bought him new food to start last week but he was left with a friend while I was on a work trip. The food was mixed until he changed to all new food. He can not get enough of this food and is now constantly barking for more. I know if I give him more it reinforces the behavior but I have given in the past two days. He doesn't need to lose weight so adding green beans will do nothing. Would you switch to one meal a day from 2? He is at an ideal weight so I don't want to get to a point where he is overweight. Just train myself to work on restraining from giving in?

The couple he stayed with have two cavaliers. They told me they would run to his food. Must be tasty because they all love it. I like it because he doesn't have the stomach issues and he seems to be scratching less if any so it has helped with any food allergies.