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Thread: Struggling to manage Thistle's pain

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    Thistle struggles so much at night. It's like from 9 pm until 8 am she is in agony, but during the day she's quite comfortable.

    I added 6 mg of prednisone per day (4 in the morning 2 at night). That was a miracle, for a few days. Then we stepped up to 8 mg, now 10.

    I have contacted her neurologist, he agreed to letting me just up her doses as needed. He believes in the prednisone as the main way to manage symptoms. I'm not a fan of that, but it is keeping her quieter. We still have some breakthrough screaming fits, but it's usually after I give a dose, so I know she's close to getting relief when it happens.

    Would it be crazy to try to readjust her meds so that she gets something powerful at night (like tramadol) to just guarantee quiet nights, and then try to get her off the prednisone, and maybe even step back the gabapentin (she's now getting 600-800 mg/per day(3-4 200 mg doses depending on how she's faring). It'd be nice to have her down to maybe 400 mg/day if that's possible. But maybe tramadol isn't a good choice for something to give regularly? The rimadyl (carprofen) that we have does nothing for her.

    It's just during the day she's not that bad, only occasional scratching (at night scratching means she's going to start screaming in a few minutes), and she seems fairly comfortable. Her breathing is ragged when she's suffering but not screaming, but that's really only at night.

    I just don't know what to do with her.

    Edit: I just noticed that adding an opiate, tramadol or amantadine is the next step on the algorithm. But amantadine sounds like a horrible drug, so I'll ask for tramadol.
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