Oh my gosh...I just got home and Toby and Brooky have escaped the pen I have them in for Toby's patella recovery - and I found them asleep on the couch (meaning Toby walked up and down stairs and JUMPED up on the couch!!)...and my dried starfish in the living room has been EATEN!

This has never happened before. And I freaking about Toby's knee as he is supposed to be on crate rest (no running, jumping or stairs)! He is 4 weeks post opp now, but still supposed to be rested until 6 weeks....anyone ever had this happen after patella surgery? I wonder if he did something to his knee...we have come so far. He does not seem to be walking any different, maybe a bit more ginger, but who knows what could happen on the inside.

And already called the vet on the star fish, we are just waiting for who gets sick to find out the culprit and hope this wont lead to an obstruction or gut issue And my two always are left alone free ranging (with bedroom doors/office doors shut etc) in the house and never in nearly 3 years have we had an issue with them touching anything. Ugh.

I feel horrible about Toby - so much guilt if he hurt or messed up something...how did this happen after 4 weeks of recovery perfection with Toby?! I will just die if he has messed up the surgery

Feeling gutted and so worried. He has x-rays in a week and 2 days from now as his final x-rays, otherwise not sure.