I've been holding onto Ella's ashes and they are displayed with all her other momentos. I always said I would release her ashes at pawleys island which was her favorite place.

Next weekend I am having friends at pawleys who all happen to have cavaliers except one couple. There will be 5 cavaliers there and my mom freaked out b/c technically the beach house does not allow pets. She figured Elton and Kennedy but didnt expect the others .

Anyway, I think it would be special to release her ashes with Kennedy and of course Elton (other cavaliers there are a plus). I mentioned it to Kat (Kennedy's mom) and she said she didn't think it was a good idea b/c it would make especially her sad and she worried about me. This is supposed to be a fun weekend. I explained it would be a good thing and it's time. It's a celebration of her and releasing her.

I thought I may not tell anyone and just say I wanted to talk all the dogs with me for a moment but then I don't know if I should do this alone. I was really set on this and thought it was time but I'm having doubts. I don't think I will ever get the opportunity to have Kennedy there which is important to me.

Any thoughts?

The last photo (although sideways) was taken the last weekend before she got sick. She actually got sick the morning we left and you all know the ending of that. It has always comforted me that she had that weekend where she was her old self (before SM). I thought there was a special meaning for that.

I know it's my decision but thought I would ask the board.