oh good! im glad. i thought maybe i had overstepped
but yes..i didn't tell her very much in my first message..just asked her to guess. then i filled her in after she guessed.
shes a wonderful lady and has lots of knowledge. if she guesses 12 weeks i would say its spot on.

Maybe he'll be a big boy..who knows.. both oliver(my last cavalier) and my cat meeko were told to be 'big boys' when they were little. they were. and i tell you those boys were so full of love it was rediculas :d

I bet he will be spoiled. EVeryone says maggie is spoiled rotton.. theyre right lol . again i cant wait! flood the picture form with photos of him growing...lord knows i have with maggie. people (espeiclaly on facebook) are probably like enough already.
but i have a 'disclosure' on my maggie album on facebook. You give a cute puppy to a photographer..expect a lot of photos..and im not sorry lol