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Thread: My 9 month old cavalier diagnosed with CM

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    Default My 9 month old cavalier diagnosed with CM

    He is only 9 months old, started to show signs as early as 5 months, this seemed to come and go, crying out without obvious reason, didn't like to be lifted or handled and he was displaying some very odd behaviours like head rubbing, ear scratching, sudden movements like chasing tail and biting his back legs. These episodes became more frequent and from doing research I realised he was showing many of the classic symptoms of SM so I had him MRI scanned. There were times when he seemed to be in so much pain that I couldn't touch him as he was reacting aggressively. After discussing with the vet Kookie was prescribed tramadol and vetergesic and an MRI was booked. It was an anxious wait of 3 weeks for the scan and results. The report from the radiologist states that Kookie has moderate CM with no visible syringomyelia at the moment however he stated that this could develop in later life, stating also that most cavaliers with CM do not show clinical signs. I was very relieved that there were no visible syrinxes. The vet has advised me to reduce the pain medication and he has prescribed prednisolone, thanks to this site and links to Claire Rusbridge site I have found that this will not be the best treatment plan. Can anyone here advise me if it is still possible to have a telephone consultation with Claire and if so how to contact her? I would also appreciate any advice from others who have knowledge of CM pain in their cavaliers. These last few weeks have felt like a roller coaster
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