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Thread: My 9 month old cavalier diagnosed with CM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat View Post
    No one has mentioned this - but have you considered asking for a prescription for gabapentin as that is the main drug used for CM/SM pain? I presume that the vetergesic injection is something that he is not receiving on a regular basis but was just given initially, and he is only taking the tramadol at this point? I definitely wouldn't want to give vetergesic on any kind of regular basis as this is a pretty powerful opioid. This is not a drug that is commonly used for CM/SM pain.

    Tramadol alone isn't very effective either for CM/SM pain. It is generally used to augment gabapentin or pregabalin.

    You said that the vet is introducing NSAIDS - has that started yet and which one is under consideration?

    I'd really recommend that you consider adding gabapentin asap rather than waiting for a neurology consult given the amount of pain that you describe.

    Hi Pat, thanks so much for your post and the link re vetergesic,
    The tramadol and vetergesic (not by injection) was prescribed 4 weeks ago and has been ever since, following the scan report last Friday I was advised to start Kookie on prednisolone, (I haven't done this) reduce the vetergesic gradually(I have done this) and keep him on tramadol for now. The vets intention is to remove tramadol and prescribed NSAIDS after we see how Kookie goes with the steroids. Before Kookie had the scan the vet told me they can't prescribe gabapentin without a diagnosis! Seems to me they don't consider CM as warranting gabapentin so I feel the best option at the moment is to get a neurologist opinion and she has agreed to make a referral to Dr Rusbridge.
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