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Try and film what your little dog does, it may help with the assessment A picture is much better than words.

Gabapentin is not that expensive & you do not need to buy it at the vet. It is a human drug so she can give you a private prescription & you can get it from any pharmacy. A lot of us use Boots or Tesco.
Thanks Margaret, I have got some videos of Kookie showing symptoms and I did email those to the vet prior MRI scan. Kookie started on the gabapentin yesterday and although it is early days there seems to be a big improvement. His eyes look much brighter today, he is full of mischief and he seems to have boundless energy. I was surprised the one month supply of gabapentin cost me 14.04 from the vet so not so expensive considering the cost of the vetergesic he has been on for the last month.

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What you say about Gabapentin is so right Margaret. Because I have two long term ill Cavaliers and Rebel's age, the partners at my vet's decided to charge Rebel's meds at cost with nothing added on for profit. This means that I pay very little, something like about 20 a month for everything he takes. They do of course charge 25 or so for his 3 month consultations though, but that includes his 6 monthly blood tests. They also send me monthly invoices, which means that I can pay by CT at a time to suit me.
Thanks Flo, your vet seems the best you can hope for and it must instill faith in you when you know they will do all they can for your boy. Kookie seems to have made a great improvement in a very short time since starting on the gabapentin and thanks to everyone here for their sound advice.