Hi all,

we have a 9 month old cavalier, and when I take him on walks to the local field, it's a leisure centre and the rugby players leave tape all over the floor, and plastic over the floor.

wilson our dog picks everything up! He is too clever, and never comes back to me with this in his mouth unless I have a treat. I then give him a treat, so he then runs off and picks more stuff up! Today is was part of a plastic bottle.

will he grow out of eating and picking up everything he sees?, it's very frustrating for me at times.

what behaviour or expressions should I show towards him at this point? I understand chasing him will make him think its a game, but likewise ignoring him will just mean he potters off on his own with it in his mouth.

i love having him off the lead so he can have a proper run out.

on another note. Retrieving a tennis ball. He chases it and runs over it but never brings anything back to me. Any advice?

thanks for your help