This is a great and informative site, I have been searching away topics for a few days. My wife fell in love with a neighbour's Chihuahua this week. We have an awesome six year old submissive female ruby. I think our poor pooch would be sad to share the spotlight intially but she does socialize with other dogs well.

I'm trying to get my mind around how much extra work, mess and cost would be for another dog. If I were to consider another dog it would be a boston terrier or another cavalier. However, we are tired of expensive trips to groomers, so another cavalier may be out of the question.

I'm nervous that introducing another puppy might really mess up our perfectly behaved and well trained cav!

I read a few articles online that suggested you only add an opposite sex dog into the mix. Is there any truth to this? I will continue to scour this site for someone in a similar situation but would love to know if anyone has a cav/chihuahua combo presently.

Many thanks.