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Thread: Thinking of adding a second dog to our home

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    I agree with Karlin to maybe consider an older dog. You could introduce it to your current dog and better determine whether their personalities would be a good mix. Plus an adult dog is generally much easier to deal with than a puppy.

    I got Gracie when my tricolour was about 7 months old. Gracie was 3 at the time but came from a breeder so she was very socialized and well trained. It took a bit of work for the first month for everyone to adjust but she fits in so well and is a well-behaved angel compared to a rambunctious puppy .

    Since your current dog is 6 and you don't seem to want to take on too much more work, an adult dog would be a lot easier than a puppy.

    Also, I don't find that taking care of two is all that much harder than 1. It is twice the cost though!
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