Our Jasper is 8 1/2 months old and has been eating Inova puppy food (1/2 cup twice a day) since he was rescued at 4 months. He has never had an issue with it until recently... he is showing very little interest in eating his "breakfast" -- if it gets left out (which I tend to do sometimes... I am working on the 15 minute time limit rule) he will eventually eat it around 12-1 pm. He has no issues eating his dinner -- usually gobbles it up within 10 minutes of us putting it out.

He is a healthy weight (about 18 lbs at his last vet visit) and in great health.

I guess my questions are
1) Is it too early to switch him to adult food? I'm wondering if a lower calorie food will get him eating twice a day again. -or-
2) Should I just feed him 1 cup of his puppy food once a day? It seems like an awful lot for my little guy, but he is our first Cavalier, so I'm not sure!

Any advice would be appreciated!!