Hi my sister and i adopted two king charles last friday, these dogs have been together since they were 3 months old.one is ruby and the other tri. We were told that the tri colour was a special needs dog, in that he needs lots of attention and depends alot of the ruby one. However, they spend 2 weeks in foster care and it was deemed that it would be better for the tricolour to live separate from ruby as he needed to become more independent etc,

When we went to view the dogs they seems to be very attached but the tri colour did copy the ruby in all his actions etc but they seemed to be very friendly with each other, we collected them from the foster carer last friday and they travelled by the back of my car together and got on fine.

they slept in our respective homes on friday night, and this would have been the first night since they were 3 months old that they slept apart. I brought my tricolour to my sisters house on saturday to allow them to play etc, and to my shock while i was petting
the ruby one on my lap, my tricolour jumped up on my lap and went for the ruby one, growling and showing his teeth, then my
mothers 4 year old male king charles jumped in and growled and snapped by atmy tricolour.....we were shocked, we mams has
2 king charles and we have never seen this kind of behaviour before.

Again yesterday we walked the ruby and tricolour together , they walked side by side, and then had play time in the garden
there were no problems at all they seemed very happy. But later in the house, my mother was petting my tricolour and when the ruby came in...again tricolour growled at him.

I am very upset about this as I need these lovely little fellows to get along and they will be spending alot of time together in the company of our family and friends.

any advise on why all of a sudden my tricolour is acting like this. I will add that the foster home they were in had about 12 king charles there, maybe he had a bad experience, i do not want to ask the lady as i would not like to insult her, as she is a lovely caring lady and i know was very kind to the dogs.

any adivse welcomes.
thanks for your time and i was delighted to find this site.