One friend will just give her cavalier bites of her raw chicken before she cooks dinner. I immediately thought salmenila but I have NO knowledge on raw food diets. She said her vet where she lived before said it was fine.

Now, I read Rod's website and (I'm sorry Rod) but I feel awful for feeding Elton kibble now. I have to be honest and say I do not cook for myself but if I did it wood be for Elton but its not going to happen. A friend has sent me articles and links to Dr. Karen Baker and has been helpful in at least trying to help me choose dry food links that has comparisons. I JUST found a food that I notice a change in Elton with less scratching and digestion and would rather not change.

Now back to my friend. I imagine from the little bit I read, you would want to work with a licensed vet who specializes in holistic care or a veterinary nutritionist. Those who do raw food diets, can you feed raw chicken? Not that I'm going to but it was a discussion we have.

Now off to consult with my licensed holistic vet to make sure Elton is getting what he needs with new food b/c I'm a bad momma and know I probably will not prepare home food etc.