Good morning.
New to the list and new to Cavaliers. I have been reading about Cavaliers for about four years and knew that when the time came for me to get a new dog I wanted to find a Cavalier. Last summer my 12 yo Aussie died. In December I was just looking at pictures at our local humane society and discovered a Cavalier puppy, 12 weeks old. I was beyond amazed and went through the process to adopt her immediately. A man had purchased her mother to raise and sell puppies. When (at 18 mos) she was unable to deliver her babies, he refused to pay for the C-section and relinquished her to the humane society. Two puppies died and two lived. The two puppies and the mom were eventually available for adoption. She is exactly every good thing I have read about Cavliers and much more. I have had dogs all my life, but never one so sweet and devoted as her; so eager to please me. If I sit down, she is immediately on my lap. If she can't be on my lap, she finds a comfortable place to lay and watches me. She is also playful and spunky.

Just this week a friend told me about CM/SM. I have been researching it the last few days. It is so scary. She will be six months old in two weeks. I find myself watching her intently for any signs and worrying if she scratches her ear. I am wondering about getting health insurance for her. I have never done that and do not know what to look for in a good policy. I was wondering if that had been discussed here or if anyone can give me any pointers.

In a couple of years I had hoped to buy another Cavalier, but now I do not know. Not only does the CM/SM scare me, but I have visited so many breeder websites over the years and not one of them said anything about following a breeding program to reduce the incidence of CM/SM.

I have learned a lot from the Cavalier Talk website. Thank you to the person who created this forum and the website.