Hi to everyone! First, I'm wondering how to increase the size of the print. Can anyone help me with that? I'm not young, and I can hardly see the tiny print. Thanks so much.

Well, I'm the owner of a lovely little 6 year old tri-color female ..... my Molly. I have had her for 2 years now, and her history is one of those sad stories. I found her at a Rescue Group in PA who rescued several dogs from a Puppy Mill up there. Apparently, she, along with some others, were going to be either turned loose or shot the next day, as they'd "worn out their usefulness." My Vet. estimates she had possibly 5 litters, with the first one being at her first heat - merely a puppy herself.

When I got her she was a pathetic little mess. The Rescue Group had her spayed and she had her shots and was given a bath. But that haunting look on her face ..... oh my ..... it was pitiful. On the drive home - 4 hours - she never made a sound, nor moved. She just stared as if in a daze. We made a stop for her to wee, but she just stood there, looking at the grass. Once we got home, I discovered that everything made her jump .... if I would lift my arm to get a cup from the cabinet, she'd cringe and run, when I went to the bathroom - unless she could see me - she'd whine ... it was so very sad.

After a lot of testing it was discovered that her pancreas did not function at all, so now with each meal she takes 2 tablets of Pancrezyme. I have only heard her bark once and that was in her sleep. She still, after 2 years, does not know how to play even though I've done everything suggested to try.
She follows me everywhere ..... she's what they call a Velcro Puppy, but I don't mind at all.

She is adorable .... sweet, happy, a real cuddle-bug, and I think in some way she's grateful. So that's the story of Molly and me. I am 68, divorced after a 40 year marriage, 3 adult kids all living away from here, and Molly and I, along with my 2 cats, are buddies.