I used a collar the past two days because I could not find his harness. I put his collar on him and I could tell he was uncomfortable. Then yesterday he screamed when I put it on him. I also noticed a lot log scratching at it and afterwards.

Of coarse he is back on his harness. I have noticed before when a friend rubs his head, picks him up a certain way or does something he yelps. I can pin point what he does but I know he isn't doing something on purpose.

I have written several times about my concerns and then thought things were ok (allergies or behavioral). He didn't seem to react to gabapentin trial so I thought it may not be the CM.

He never seems in pain and runs laps around other cavaliers much younger. I know a collar is not something good for any cavalier because pulling on the neck. I just can't believe he screamed putting it on. I will email his neurologist but could it be something else? A disc issue? He is great otherwise..... Help