After attending puppy class with my first dog (a Golden mix) I though I had this whole thing figured out. Remington, my 5 month cavalier, had other plans. He was the most unruly puppy there. He would not settle even after I tried distracting him with treats, one of the helpers tried giving him a chew, they even tried putting him in a thunder shirt thinking he was just anxious, it was ineffective. I am assuming he was not happy that he could not get to the other dogs or people and that the focus was not on him. Once the trainer came around, because it was his turn, he did great and knew all the commands she was explaining. Week 2, he did a little better, but was still not happy just observing. At home he is very chill and I do not dote on him for his every whim although he does get plenty of attention. I am pretty good at teaching him all the commands he needs for this class, but I signed him up because I wanted to get him in a different environment so he can be well adjusted in different situations. Does anyone else have any stories they can share from their puppy class experiences?