I was wondering if anyone here had experience with head halter use with Cavaliers?

Naomi got into the habit of pulling on the leash when she saw our neighbors dog do it (and she had such a nice loose leash walk )

As I mentioned in my introduction post, she's meant to be a service dog, so pulling is not acceptable. Leeway can lead to bad habits that are hard to break and could ruin eventual full working public access. We will continue to work daily on the loose leash in our home without distractions, on just a collar or harness (question I need to address with my trainer in long run), however, when we do go outside for potty or walks, she automatically pulls. I can't bring treats and spend 20 minutes walking her through loose leash walking every time she has to pee.

So I picked up a sporn halter. I prefer these, as it puts pressure on the withers to send a signal to nose, rather than on the neck or near the eyes the way other head halters do.

I noticed it seems to ride up on her eyes, but only when it's tight, and I can readjust it so it doesn't do that. There is a chance this is because I have it too loose. Her walk immediately improved, still walking ahead of me, but not pulling.

Has anyone else here had experience with head halters specifically with Cavaliers? Any other harnesses or devices that you would recommend? Training tips for a pulling Cavalier?

Everyone has a unique style, so I'm sure there are some great tips to be found here that I haven't been informed of or thought of yet!

Side Note: Naomi graduated from her first training class; she will be beginning the next level AND puppy agility in the next few weeks!!