Hi I have recently joined as I am looking for information on the treatment of slipping patellas. I had arranged for my ruby pup Ailsa, to go for her pre-op, prior to being spayed. While the vet was checking her over, I mentioned that she had lifted her right leg in the air a couple of times,while scampering about the garden. He felt her knee cap and said he could feel it moving and it was a slipping patella. He said to wait till her bones had "hardened" probably at about 1 year old and then they would correct it surgically. Unfortunately, a few weeks after her spay, her left leg started to pop out and this seems to be much worse than the right one.I think too much strain had been put on it by her right leg being affected.I went back and saw the senior vet 3 weeks ago,and he has recommended an operation to correct this. He said they would do it one leg at a time, but I would prefer to have them both done at the same time. I know the convalescent period is a trial, and I would have to crate her for the first few weeks,but i feel it would be better than having to go through it all again shortly afterwards.He has put her on metacam,but some days she is limping so badly that she gets stuck halfway up the stairs,as her back legs are not strong enough to give her the purchase she needs to get to the top.I am really stressed by this,as she is such a bright lively little dog and , it breaks my heart to see her struggling. Her leg sometimes just gives way, and she has to sit down. It's worse when we have visitors and she is so excited to see them,but can't get up to greet them as she keeps popping her leg out She can't go on like this.and neither can I
.I am really on here for some reassurance and advice from anyone else who may have had this problem ,with both legs being affected at the same time.My vet assured me they could do the operation in their surgery,but that's as far as we got in discussing it.
She is now 10 months old, so I dont know if I will have to wait till she is older. Hope not
Yours Jean B