My name is Josh, and I thought I should join here to be able to talk to others who are lucky enough to own such a beautiful, loving dog!

My little ladies name is... Lady! We got her from someone who couldn't keep her due to her sons asthma, and she was rescued from someone else, so she's already been passed around a fair bit!

Oh, and they were ~250 miles away!

She's 7 months old, and absolutely fantastic. She's such a loving, beautiful and happy dog, there's nothing to dislike!

Before Lady, I'd only met one other CKC and she was getting on a little, so I had no idea how the younger dogs were!

I can honestly say it was love at first sight, seeing my girlfriends eyes after seeing her... there was no way she was staying with her old owner, risking anyone at all coming and taking her.

She then traveled an hour by train, and 3-4 hours in a car, and didn't make a fuss once!

Now, she sleeps between us in bed, and snores like a trooper, and generally is a heart melter!

She's such a social girl, she loves everyone she meets, dogs and humans alike, and my Lizard fascinates her!

I can honestly say that I couldn't have asked for a better dog, even if it was an off the cuff decision, it was the best one we've ever made!

Thanks in advanced for reading, and also for any advice I might acquire from any of you

Lady wants to get in the bath... all the time!

After a bath!

Being super cute sleeping with her mouth open!

Hope you all like her as much as we do!