I live in NY in the US. I am new to this forum & I don't know if anyone else here is from my area. I have a 3yr old male Blenheim Cavi named Winston. He was just diagnosed with CM & SM with an MRI. His neurologist has him on liquid Gabapentin 1ml 3x a day, Prilosec 5mg once a day & Tramadol 2x a day. The Tramadol was just prescribed because he was still having quite a bit of discomfort just on the Gaba. I can't even begin to tell that this dog had no symptoms until just recently when he started to scratch his neck & back. After the MRI the neurologist said his condition is the worst she's ever seen & she doesn't understand why he is not exhibiting more serious signs. I think he's been living with with this since birth & he was just used to the pain. He's such an incredibly happy guy. We have a second opinion scheduled for Friday 3/29 in another state(NJ) with a highly recommended neurologist. Winston also has a very slight Mitral Valve Disease & PSOM. I would consider surgery but my concern is first his other conditions & second the neurologist says his nerve is so badly damaged that it really won't help him. I do realize he will have to be on meds the rest of his life but if it would prevent future damage I would do it. He is so happy & not suffering on these meds I would want to do everything I could for him. Any advice?