Thank you all so much. My neurologist is Dr Georgina Barone at Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island. She did explain to me that Xylitol is in the Gabapentin that you would get at a regular pharmacy but the GABA I get from their office, since it is given to dogs, does NOT contain Xylitol. The reason we started him on the liquid is because he is so allergic & sensitive to many medications & vaccines, her thought was it would be easier to adjust for him. So we started him on .6 ml which didn't do much, so we increased it to 1ml 3 times a day, after 2 days he needed to start Tramadol. He was originally on a very low does of steroids which completely knocked him out, totally lethargic. The only reason Dr Barone didn't recommend LIV is because of the support & aftercare staff. The doctors at LIV including Dr Marino are supposed to be wonderful. She recommended the neurologists & staff in Redbank NJ. It's about 2hrs from us so it's not too bad. If we are going to consider the surgery & the expense then I would rather go with the best reputation all around. Thank you for all your advice & I will check out the Clare Rusbridge site. I'm not convinced he's on the right med cocktail right now. I can tell when the meds are wearing off & he definitely reacts more during periods of atmospheric pressure. He also has a problem on some nights getting comfy. I'll keep you posted. Oh & Livcav I am on eastern Long Island.