Hi everyone, my pup was diagnosed at 3 months old with CM and SM. He yelped a lot, scratched and cried when we picked him up, this was happening since day 1 when we picked him up at 8 weeks, He is on Gabapentin 50mg 3 x a day. He still have painful times. He had the brain surgery in January. This has helped a lot with his symptoms though not as much as we would have liked. I t is a very difficult and painful times, but he us still ful of fun and cuddles.

My question is how many have had an SM dog and also have another dog? My specialist says that being around other dogs is a good idea for him as will help him forget the pain. We have always wanted 2 dogs and are getting another. We have had other dogs in the house and he loves them and wants to play. How did others find their dog reacted to the sm dog when they were in oain and did the sm dog go for the other one when in pain?

Many thanks