I was a walk in today at the vet so I saw the vet I have asked not to see since he said Ella was fine and that SM was regional. I'm glad to know now that any cavalier owner says neck pain, he refers them immediately to a neurologist.

All things were fine with Elton except for the neck and wants to call Elton's neurologist because he has never heard of them being on Tagamet and was sure it would be Prilosec. Also, he mentioned tramadol next and I said my next step would be going to see his neurologist.

I hate to sound mean but this last part gets me. I asked (just in case) if he knew of any breeders having MRI's done on his parents. His answer: "I thought there was a DNA test for that and it is just coming out". Well unless there is something on the down low, I know there is no DNA test available. If there were, many breeders would be happy.