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Thread: 'Liking' and 'thanking' on posts

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    Cool 'Liking' and 'thanking' on posts

    You can now do this.

    The bar for thanking or liking appears BELOW each post.

    I would use this on things you really like and not on every single post! In other words don't use it just to be very amiable on *every* single post -- or it loses meaning for the person receiving a 'like' or a 'thanks'. I think this will be a nice way to have valuable forum information highlighted.

    You can EITHER 'like' OR 'thank' but you cannot do both on a single post.

    You will NOT see the bar below your own posts -- because you cannot thank or like your own posts!

    Oh yeah and you can 'like' or 'thank' this post...
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    Another forum I frequent has added the "Like" button. This is a nice feature, Karlin. Thank you!

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