Im sure ill find a few topics if i search, but i'll just start my own topic ...if thats alright with everyone.

Back in the day.. whenever i was home alone id let oliver sleep in my bed. i always slept longer then everyone it only happened when i was home alone.
same with the cats. at one point i had meeko one one side of my body..max on the other and oliver on the other. My heart achs even as typing this..for those days.

these days..i have 2 cats and a dog. I keep my door closed the cats.

Meeko.. is nearly 17..and has no inention on ever sleeping in my bed..even when i let him. even when i bring him in there..he wants nothign to do with it. 3 year old cat..would give anything to sleep in my bed..he waits outside my door..sometimes cries... but hes annoying.has a cold wet nose he rubs all over me..all the time...kneeds my body with his claws. hes got now social bed skills one time if orgot to click the door shut during a potty trip.. woke up to cold wet nose in my face. it was horrible..and i was terrofied (haha i didnt know what was going on)

maggie..sleeps in a crate in my room. shes been doing really good at going through the night without pottying...and if she has to go..asks (this is a huge step) as pottying has been ...delayd for us (compared to her sisters) mostly i belive due to using potty pads hwen we first brought her home.
anyhoo..the last week she regessed for 3 days .. (ASKED which is awsome..instead of just going in her bed..which was a concern for a while) but was asking once -2 times a night for 4 days.

anyhoo. I was wondering..what age did you start letting your dog sleep in your bed (if you did that is) I think shes got a bit to go..shes 6 months on the 6th.
but she lovesss snuggles in the bed. and i hope its soon