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    I take maggie to the beach LOTS these days. I used to keep her on leash all the time.. theres lots of dogs..most are off leash. the beaches i take her to are safe (away from traffic) and so ive started taking her off leash..and she dose okay. she loves to chase the crows, run through the tidal pools, play with the other dogs.

    So i had her at the beach leash. we walked WAYYYYYYS down the beach..father then i ever been before. and i discovered thers this meadow ajason(spelling probably) to the beach..i thought we'd walk up there back to the car (easier /quicker to walk on then the sand) but i wanted her on leash for that as i dont know what the wild life was like up there (ive seen eagles and hawks and would NEVER take a chance with those around ) so i went to get her on leash..and she was playing hte 'haha cant get me ' game. (i was not pleased.. shes only off leash if she can behave) once i caught her..she was on leash for the rest of the trip to the car.

    so we got home. and i turned to her..and started talking about the beach. Whoever says dogs dont understand what you are talking crazy.. she gave me the denver the guilty dog look.
    eyes nerrowing...sooooooo guilty.
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    Oliver and Max and Meeko man, i will meet you at the Rainbow bridge. I love you all. Miss you more then you'll ever know.
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