I have a bit of puppy fever and would like another dog.
I have found the perfect breeder who breeds blenheims and tri's.
I would LOVE another tri.

They are planning a litter at the end of the year and i would bring the puppy home december/january ish.
I am not fussy on gender, and it will be neutered/ spayed.

The thing is, i am worried about Kokoda.
He is two, he will be going on three (his birthday is 26th Feb) and he is nicely trained like i know they should be before getting a second puppy.

I have read all the other threads, and am still not sure.

He loves other dogs, but i fear he could get jealous and envy the puppy, and end up not liking it.

Also, the other possibility is that he likes it so much he stops liking me as much.
Either is not ideal for me!

So i just want to hear about your experience with bringing a second puppy home and whether or not it changes your first dog.

p.s i can afford a second one, and i know i would love another. The only thing holding me back is Koda.

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