Teddy is now four months old (well tomorrow he is). He is a happy beautiful little boy, and from what I can tell, a healthy one too. He is growing up wonderfully, if we go to the vets for anything, they always weigh him, check his heart etc., and all is well at that side, He enjoys his meal times (can't eat enough), loves his walkies, playing in the garden, and is doing amazing well with all his ablutions training, etc., everything generally that I hoped for - and I love him very much...

But there are a few things I just wanted to pass by you. I hope I am just being paranoid here.

He has a mad 'two minutes' every day or so when he suddenly sets off at a pace and runs around and around the house super fast, giving little growls and barks. He only stops when we grab his attention, with a squeeky toy. He seems to be enjoying this, and I wouldn't ordinarily mention this, but there are other things I have noticed and it might be relevent.

When he wakes up, no matter whether it is morning, lunchtime or evening, he sits and flicks his ears with his paws a lot. He doesn't paw the air, he actually does flick his ears.

His eyes water a fair amount, I am always wiping them for him, would this have anything to do with it?

He does chew his back paws on a regular basis not for a long time, but regularly enough to notice.

He chases his tale every single day - today I filmed him going round and round in a perfect tight little circle for a whole minute because he had latched on to his tail with his mouth.

Im not 100% sure about this last one, as Teddy had his back to me when he was doing it, but it certainly looked to me like he was biting the air (fly catching?). When I asked my husband what Teddy was doing (He was at the other side of the room so could see from the front), my voice made him stop whatever it was and he didn't do it again.

He doesn't rub his face on the furniture or on the floor, and he doesnt fall over or bunny hop, and he doesn't make any wimpering sounds, or yelps or hide anywhere.

Am I being a bit worried over nothing? I know a lot of the signs of 'you know what' can all be normal things with a puppy, but equally I now know not to overlook anything, and to trust my maternal instincts, when I see things that just appear 'different'.