I posted on another thread about Health Clinics but I thought it should have it's own thread. I am not sure if there has already been a post about this but Dog Shows can have things not just about "showing" dogs. Some breed clubs (even cavalier clubs) and kennels will sponser health clinics.

Rod has put together a list of upcoming health clinincs and what they include http://www.cavalierhealth.com/health_clinics.htm. It really is valuable because a lot of them will have a certified cardiologist and we know how special cavalier hearts are . I am going to one this weekend to get Elton's eyes checked and maybe some other things.

To go to the vet to get Elton's eyes checked or heart (which a cardiologist can detect much more) will cost more than going to the health clinic. One time I asked how much it was for an appointment with the cardiologist that is at the health clinic. It was several hundred dollars and granted she would be doing several tests, Elton still does not have a murmur (according to vet). I can pay $40 to see the same cardiologist listen and grade his heard if there is a murmur.

Since this is something Rod put together he might be able to comment more, but I suggest people check it out.