As some of you know my husband has been sick and in and out of the hospital even having surgery for the past several months. Keep your fingers crossed (and paws) he is on the mend now......but between the fire at his shop and the illness he has been home a lot more. Personally, I think Fletcher just knows Daddy has been not feeling well and has become Daddy's velcro dog. He follows him everywhere, has started sleeping on Daddy's lap instead of mine, and last night he moved from my pillow to Daddy's!!!!!!!!!!!! Its alright we can share there is plenty of Fletcher love and fun to go around, Mr. Monster gets his normal share for sure. My husband in recovering from surgery has even taken to walking Fletcher for his midday walk (which is good for my husband) I just think its funny/strange. I'm not jealous promise I think its good for my husband to have the company. Fletcher has always been loving to every member of the family so I'm not surprised the whole comforting cavalier trait is showing. Several months ago when Mr. Monster was sick Fletcher laid in the sofa with him for days.

I did think typically the males were closer to their Mommies but..........I love that dog so much. And to think when I brought Fletcher home my husbands first words were "well its a dog, I still don't understand why you needed to drive so far to get a dog"

Tonight we were discussing going on vacation this summer and the first thing he said was "Make sure you book a pet friendly beach house or I'm not going" LOL