Gracie came to live with me when she was 3 years old, in August of 2012. She was supposed to be a breeding dam, had been pregnant but lost the puppies. When the puppies were lost the breeder's vet did a thyroid test and found her level was 6. The breeder stopped breeding her (that was to be her first litter), had her spayed, and found a pet home (ME!).

I brought her to the vet because she was on a once daily dose I had read that since the drug metabolizes in 12 hours she should be on twice daily. The vet did a T4 after she had been off her meds for over 24 hours and found she had levels of 25.6, which is in the normal range.

Has anyone ever experience a dog being hypothyroid...and then not anymore?

My vet basically said I could either leave her on the once daily dose or take her off the meds and do a full thyroid panel in a few months to make sure everything is ok.

She doesnt have any associated behaviour issues except she is very lethargic and easy-going compared to Lady (who is on the other end of the hyperactivity scale...)

I think I will take her off the meds and do the full panel, but any advice would be appreciated!