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Thread: Hypothroidism....or not?

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    Question Hypothroidism....or not?

    Gracie came to live with me when she was 3 years old, in August of 2012. She was supposed to be a breeding dam, had been pregnant but lost the puppies. When the puppies were lost the breeder's vet did a thyroid test and found her level was 6. The breeder stopped breeding her (that was to be her first litter), had her spayed, and found a pet home (ME!).

    I brought her to the vet because she was on a once daily dose I had read that since the drug metabolizes in 12 hours she should be on twice daily. The vet did a T4 after she had been off her meds for over 24 hours and found she had levels of 25.6, which is in the normal range.

    Has anyone ever experience a dog being hypothyroid...and then not anymore?

    My vet basically said I could either leave her on the once daily dose or take her off the meds and do a full thyroid panel in a few months to make sure everything is ok.

    She doesnt have any associated behaviour issues except she is very lethargic and easy-going compared to Lady (who is on the other end of the hyperactivity scale...)

    I think I will take her off the meds and do the full panel, but any advice would be appreciated!
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    I don't know much about the condition but would agree with your gut feeling, to take her off and then do a panel.
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    My Sydney had hypothyroidism. He was diagnosed at about 3-4 years old and took Soloxine twice a day for the rest of his life. Yearly, his vet checked his T4 levels in case the dosage needed adjustment. He did have lower energy levels too. The biggest problem he had though, as a result of the hypothroidism, was the many skin issues and ear infections due to his weakened immune system.

    Sorry Gracie has to go through this, but once the dosage of medications is figured, it is a very manageable condition. His vet never suggested he go off the meds, but I probably would have tried it if asked to do the complete panel.
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